Causes and Prevention of Pimples


Men and women get pimples most often at a very unpredictable time. It wouldn’t be much of a deal if it appears at times when you do not have any social functions to attend. Even so, pimples can be an upsetting sight, particularly if what you have are the huge red ones.

What causes pimples?

Avoiding occurrence of pimples may be difficult for those with oily skin. However, you can minimize its occurrence by following skin care regimen that will help in achieving this.

Typically, pimples occur when fumes, dust and dirt accumulate in the skin. That is why it is important to cleanse your face at least twice daily. Other causes of pimples can be hormonal and too much fat intake that can worsen oily skin condition.

You can actually prevent pimples from popping out if you take extra care regarding your exposure to pollution and staying away from fatty foods. Pimples that appear as a result of hormonal imbalance can be a little difficult to treat, but practicing proper facial care might just reduce its numbers.

Simple ways to conceal pimples

Pimples can lower your self-confidence when socializing. It just makes you want to hide until it heals. Oftentimes though, you still have the pimple scars to deal with.

Restore self-confidence by learning these simple steps to conceal pimples. You may still have the pimples underneath, but it should not stop you from having fun.

Use concealer, facial powder or highlighting other parts of our face to draw attention away from your pimples. What you need to consider when using concealer or facial powder is choosing the right shade closest to your skin tone. You will totally ruin the effect if you use otherwise. The advantage of wearing facial powder is that it is non-greasy and much lighter compared to concealer.

As an alternative, eye shadow can be used in case you can’t find concealer or face powder in your makeup kit. Again, make sure the shade is closest to the complexion of your skin. Applying it can be a little tricky but with constant practice you’ll be able to hide those unsightly pimples like a pro.

Apart from hiding your pimples, you can also highlight other parts on your face in order to draw attention away from your pimples. Colors will play a big part in doing this trick, so be sure you use the ones that will make pimples less conspicuous.

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