types of detox diet

Rejuvenate Your Body With A Detox Diet

Detox diet, also known as cleansing diet, is a specially designed diet plan that helps one to flush out all the accumulated toxins from the body. In the ancient days, Greeks and Egyptians practiced detox…

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healthy snack recipe with oats

Healthy Snack Recipe With Oats

Oats, which is popularly considered as the most healthy breakfast cereal, can be used to make a variety of dishes. Thanks to its neutral taste and ease of cooking, oats porridge has been increasingly embraced…

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brown rice nutritional fact

Make Brown Rice Your Staple Food

Rice is the staple food for a majority of the world population especially for Asians and Latin Americans. This staple food can be a rich source of daily nutrients, if it is consumed as brown…

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Sprouty Nutty Noodles

5 All Time Hit Kids Party Recipes

Your kid’s birthday or any other occasion encircling him/her is around and you have decided to put up a party for him/her. List of the party events are ready like party place, party theme, number…

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foods that cancer

6 Foods That Fight Cancer

We are what the food we take.  The food that we take plays a great role in deciding out health quotient. In olden times human beings had healthy eating habits which gave them great health…

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mango mousse recipe

Enjoy Mango Mousse Recipe For Summers

Mousse is a dessert of French origin. It is light and delicious and is prepared in various forms. Chocolate mousse is most popular in this range. Banana, orange and vanilla mousse is also made for…

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chocolate cake recipe

Recipe Of A Rich Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cakes are all time favorite among children and adults. There is an endless variety and ways to make a chocolate cake. Apart from the taste, health benefits of chocolate are also being revealed.

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foods to avoid with diabetes

Food That Spike Sugar Level In Blood

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder in which the glucose level in the blood remains permanently high for a long period of time. This increased level of glucose in the blood is due to the…

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healthy fast foods

Healthy Fast Foods You Can Enjoy

Fast foods have been always under fire for being not good for health and have been generally condemned by nutritionists but the irresistible taste of the fast foods always draws our attention and we are…

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best summer food

Summer Food That Keep You Cool

With the summer sun sending its sharp rays down without any mercy, we have to look for ways to keep our body cool, hydrated and free from heat rashes and heat strokes. While air conditioners…

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