6 Caring For Split Ends

Caring For Split Ends

Caring For Split Ends

A  split end is when a hair breaks lengthwise and the hair cuticle is damaged. A lot of factors cause split ends. The main cure for split ends is to prevent them as there is not much you can do after it happens. Here are some steps to prevent split ends.

Combing Hair

Combing hair

Over combing of hair could result in it breaking easily. Also do not be harsh and apply stress while combing, be as gentle as possible. Use combs with wide set teeth, which are smooth, and having natural and not nylon bristles.

Brushing Hair

Brushing hair

when it is wet is the number one reason for hair damage. Hair is three times more sensitive when wet and hence breaks easily. When combing tangled hair start from the bottom of your hair and work your way up using your hand or a wide toothed comb. Similarly over brushing hair also tends to weaken the hair.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories

Accessories used for the hair like barrettes, clips, bobby pins, and elastic bands tend to damage your hair. Make sure you use scrunches for ponytails and that your hair does not get stuck in the metal part of clips or barrettes.



The best treatment for split ends is to condition your hair and keep it moisturized all the time. A leave in conditioner focusing on the ends of the hair, deep conditioning your hair once a month or a special split end treatment are some ways to hydrate hair.

Over Heat On Hair

Over heat on hair

Frequent usage of too much heat on your hair depletes its natural oils leading to hair damage. This includes curling and straightening irons, hair dryers, hot curlers, crimping hair, etc. If necessary use them with the coolest possible setting. Also try to avoid going out too much in the sun and always wear a hat when going in the sun to prevent damage.

Hair Products


Use a shampoo that contains sunscreen as it helps to protect the hair. Avoid shampoos or styling products that contain alcohol as it tends to make the hair dry and brittle. Also, excessive usage of styling products like gel, mousse, and hairsprays weakens the hair.