Can Watermelon Boost Your Sex Life?

Everyone is all about being healthy in today’s society. Unfortunately, we are also a medicine pill popping society as well. There seems to be a little pill for everything from hair falling out to the more serious diseases. But, what if someone told you that a healthy fruit could possibly replace your [email protected]@?

Watermelon has the natural enhancer called citrulline which makes the blood vessels relax. This is the same purpose of [email protected]@. The best part is that there are no side effects from eating watermelon. The down side is that you would have to eat approx 6 cups of the delicious fruit in order for it to do anything for you.

Some of the other down sides is that you may find yourself having more bathroom trips, possibly diarrhea and your blood sugar may rise. Yet, there are some benefits to eating watermelon. One of those would be that it is a natural food that will help you to go to the bathroom if you are having trouble in that department.

It is also a great way to get your potassium that your body needs. It is also great for your heart. Many doctors feel that researchers are jumping the gun to say that watermelon can replace [email protected]@. You need to consume too much of it before you would even get a hint of feeling frisky.

The other thing about eating watermelon in place of the [email protected]@ is that it does not specifically work for the necessary organ. It will give your entire body a boost so therefore it is not concentrated where you need it. Hence, eating 6 or more cups of the wonderful fruit may help you feel great but the after affects are not so great.

Something to keep in mind is that even though it is an energy booster, if you were to eat that much, you will crash and burn once you come down. So even though you will feel great for awhile, you won’t feel so good once the effects wear off so you may just want to take the little pill.