Camouflaged Forms of Dowry in Marriage

It is the well known fact that the marriage is the auspicious occasion both for the girl and boy. Everyone enjoys this lovely occasion in the best possible manner. Indian marriages are fully devoted to the traditions and rituals. These traditions are followed by the people from the centuries. These typical traditions include dowry, purdah system and many more.

Centuries have passed away but the people are still in a habit of following these traditions. People are still following these typical traditions but in the changed manner. Dowry is the most common traditions in the Indian marriages in the past time as well as the present time. Girl’s family has to suffer from this typical tradition and has to fulfill the requirements of the boy’s family. If because of any reason they are not able to fulfill the requirement of her in-laws then the members of the groom family does not accept the marriage or they start to abuse and badly treats the girl.

With the changing time the ways of asking for the dowry is also changed among the people. Now-a-days family members of the groom family ask for the dowry in many of the hidden ways. These different hidden ways of dowry includes:-

In this new trendy life people used to ask for money in the beautiful ways like – “The people in the bachelor profession or alike used to say that they do not require any dowry. They also answers that they are well capable to manage their family in a wonderful manner. In addition to that these people also say that if the members of the girl’s family give some gift to the girl them it is only for the girl.” This is the wonderful manner in which the people of this age ask for dowry.

People in this new age brought several new ideas for dowry. In order to show that they are not interested in any type of dowry they say that they require a good life partner for their son. They always say that they don’t require any dowry from the girl parents. However in addition to that they also say that they require a good earning professional groom for their son.

There many more different methods which are used by the people asking for dowry.

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