Build a Beach Ready Body


It’s a very boring task to stay in a gym especially when the weather outside is very nice. But you have alternatives for that too. There are few exercises that can help you in toning your body so that you don’t need to spend the hours in the indoor gyms when you should actually be having the feel of fresh air outside. You can perform the following exercises to increase the metabolism and improve athleticism.

Jumping Rope
You can try jumping rope to increase your stamina. You can skip on one leg at a time in alternate movements. Hence, first you should jump on your left foot, then right foot, then twice on the left foot and twice on the right foot as long as you are comfortable with the increment. You can continuously jump for 1.5 minutes in this module.

Shuttle Run
To perform shuttle run you have to place five small objects such as agility cones and tennis-ball cans in a row. The distance between the objects and you should be approximately 10 to 15 yards. After maintaining the appropriate distance, run towards the objects and fetch each object at a time. Once you are able to get back all the five objects to the starting point, one drill is complete.

Squat Thrust
In the squat thrust, you ought to bend down while you are standing in such a way that your knees and hips are arched lower. Then, place your hands on the ground and apply thrust to the legs for a pushup position. Then, get back to the original squat position again and repeat the movements.

Football Rundown
This is a very simple method. You need an open ground and a football for it. Throw the football in the open ground as far as you can and run towards it and fetch it. You can repeat this 6-8 times.

These exercises can help you feel fresh and increase your metabolism to a considerable rate.