Breast Massage – Steps for Massage

Breasts can store a lot of toxins from the environment within the fatty acids and as they are mostly confined within the bra, there is no way to flush out these toxins. These toxins can enter the breast milk and even cause many diseases and even breast cancer. Breast massage helps to remove these toxins through lymphatic system so it is important to maintain the circulation of lymphatic fluid. Regular and gentle massage of breasts helps in preventing breast cancer and in maintaining breast shape and health. Massage also helps in maintain the elasticity of support ligaments which prevent sagging by providing support to breasts.

Breast Massage Steps –

Place a pillow under your head and shoulders to make yourself comfortable. You can take a little bit of oil to massage your breasts. Use your thumb and fingers and take just five minutes on each breast and massage in the following way. Massage the breast slowly and carefully in a motion away from the nipples. Start from the nipples and move away outwards using very low pressure. Take care as any extra pressure can hinder the flow of fluids through the lymphatic vessels. Then massage the breasts with pressing and lifting motion. Now twist the breast in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions with slow and careful motion. Finally use both your hands to exert many pressing compressions with low to moderate pressure.

Breast Massage Precautions:

Take care not to exert too much pressure mainly if you are using implants as they might leak.

Kneading the breasts can destroy the elastic fibers and suspensory ligaments which prevent breasts from sagging.

Always handle the breasts in a gentle and respectful way as their purpose is to provide precious milk to newborn and support their growth.

Breasts has many lymphatic vessels through which the fluids are flowing continuously but lacks any muscles to promote the drainage of these fluids so it is important to apply non stimulating massage to breasts to prevent stagnation of lymphatic fluid.