Breakfasts: Healthy Recipes

Healthy Breakfast

Tired of having the same breakfast every morning? If yes, then you are not alone. For there are hordes of individuals out there who feel bored to death eating the same ol’ meal day after day for breakfast. As a result, some people tend to skip breakfast altogether and end up gaining more weight than others who eat regular meals.

If you desperately want to try a new recipe for breakfast without compromising on your calorie intake, here are a few sure shot recipes that are extremely tasty in addition to being healthy for the body and mind.

These foods contain the necessary proteins, fat, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients that are required to boost your system in the morning and keep it that way the entire day.

Oatmeal: If you fancy oats for your breakfast, you can spice up your meal by adding some spices to the oats. Avoid using sugar and opt for maple syrup instead which is a rich source of fiber and vitamins.

You can add some milk over cooked oatmeal to enhance the taste. In addition to this, you can also try blueberries, light cream cheese and smoked salmon as toppings and add onions and lemons for garnishing.

Cheese: Although processed cheese can contain high levels of fat, cottage cheese is low in fat and is rich in proteins instead. It also has a low salt content.

Use whole grain toasts for the spread. Take two slices of the same and apply ½ cup of cottage cheese on each slice. Spread nicely. Top it off with some tomato slices, chopped vegetables and greens like tarragon. Add some salt and pepper to the spread and broil it until it turns golden brown in color.

Bacon: Bacons are really tasty dishes when cooked right and can be used as spreads for sandwiches or as toppings for other dishes. Opt for sliced bacon which becomes crisp when cooked.

Orange Juice: Orange juice is a very healthy natural drink that does wonders for your diet. Opt for fresh juices though and refrain from drinks that contain added flavors or preservatives. In addition to rejuevenating you completely, these drinks are rich in Vitamin C.

To make a more creative drink, buzz some oranges nicely in a blender and remove the extracts. Add some vanilla flavored yogurt and some ice to the mixture and blend it again. Pour the drink into a tall glass and enjoy a refreshing drink early in the morning.

Yogurt Drinks: Why not drown a Greek Style Yogurt Drink in the morning that can fill you up fast and keep you full for longer periods? In additiont to being fat free, the drink is rich in calcium and proteins. An added advantage is that the drink is extremely thick and creamy.

All you need to do is blend a cup of fresh yogurt in a blender and pour it into a glass. Make alternating layers by adding blueberries and strawberries in between. Add some sliced almonds as toppings.

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