Brain Tumor- Causes And Treatment

brain tumor treatment

Brain tumors are abnormal and unwanted cells which develop in the brain. There are two types of brain tumors: 1) Benign Brain Tumors and 2) Malignant Brain Tumors. Benign brain tumors do not invade other parts of the brain nor through the process of metastasis spread to other parts of the body.

These types of brain tumors rarely turn to be life threatening but malignant brain tumors are life threatening. There are cancer cells present in malignant brain tumors which are absent in benign brain tumors.

Brain Tumors patients experience symptoms such as headache, seizures, weakness, vomiting etc. Causes of brain tumors or brain cancers are not known. In some cases cancers present in the other parts of they body spread to other parts which may also travel to the brain causing brain cancer.

Other brain cancer causes are radiation to the head, HIV infection, genetic risk, smoking and toxins. Treatment for brain tumor may vary from person to person depending upon the location, size and severity of the brain tumor. Brain cancer is treated by the means of radiation or surgery or chemotherapy. In a few cases more than one type of treatment is needed.

Patients with benign tumors usually are treated through surgery. Expert neurosurgeons do surgery of the brain tumor and remove the tumor. In most cases of benign tumors, tumor doesn’t grow back whereas in case of malignant brain tumors often grow back and complications may also occur.

But before brain surgery patients need to undergo different procedures and treatments. To destroy the tumor cells, chemotherapy treatment is given in which powerful drugs are given orally or through IV line. This helps in killing the tumor cells.

Temozolomide (Temodar) and bevacizumab (Avastin) are two approved for treating malignant gliomas. In surgery, the patient may be kept awake or may be kept under light sedation so that mapping procedures can be carried out. Surgery is also done under general anesthesia.

Tumors are also treated through gamma knife also known as stereotactic radiosurgey. In this case, surgery is done knifeless i.e through radiation. Doctors train high energy beams on the tumors from various angles and as result tumors are destroyed. This procedure cause less complications and patients recover in less time.

Radiation therapy is also used to treat brain tumors. This procedure prevents tumors from growing and multiplying further.

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