Botox for foot wounds


Botox mainly reminds us of treatment for muscle spasms, wrinkles as well as Tourette syndrome. Nowadays, you can even use Botox to treat limbs so that they are saved from amputation.

Foot ulcers are the cause of more than 82,000 amputations every year. Diabetes Type II causes it. Overweight people, with a history of diabetes, are Asian, African American, Native American, Latin American, Pacific Islanders, are over 45 or had gestational diabetes are at a greater risk of diabetes than others.

Foot ulcers
These ulcers usually develop on the sole, or even on the plantar surface of your foot. They have small innocuous beginnings like a bunion or a hammertoe. However, they can grow into much serious limb infections that can lead to amputations.

Wearing badly fitting shoes, which will chafe against such deformities, also result in foot ulcers. Each ulcer can become threatening to the limb by causing infection, which leads to amputation. According to Jeffrey Johnson, M.D., an orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon who is from Barnes-Jewish Hospital, which is at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, an ulcer may result in a limb-threatening infection that may need an amputation.

Some more people conducting research in this area believe that not only are ulcers tough to heal, but they are also tough to keep healed. Recurrence rate of this problem is high. These ulcers have a recurrence rate of 60-80% of patients complaining of the ulcers returning in the first month itself.

Botox, a solution to the problem
Botulinum Toxin Type A, or Botox is a poison, which is normally used for cosmetic purposes to treat wrinkles.

This is now being considered as a remedy to keep the feet healed so that any infection is prevented and the risk of amputation is minimised.

The theory behind it is this. Botox weakens the muscles and blocks the signals that causes them to contract. Now, the ball of the foot gets frequently wounded. When you walk, you exert the most pressure on wounds.

Botox will cause the muscle responsible to push you forward as you walk to grow weaker. This will keep any high pressures from developing under the front of your foot.

Another study aims at injecting Botox at six different places in the calf muscles and then casting it. This will help to keep the wound healed.

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