Boron Treatment For Arthritis

Boron Treatment For Arthritis

Boron Treatment For Arthritis

Boron is an essential element for our body. It helps in the proper functioning of magnesium, calcium and phosphorus present in our metabolic systems. Boron prevents calcium loss and demineralization of bones and that is commonly used in the treatment of arthritis and osteoporosis.

The Effects Of Arthritis

Joint Problems

Arthritis is the umbrella term used for a wide variety of joint problems. It includes pain, stiffness, inflammation and damage to joint cartilage and its surrounding structures. These problems lead to joint weakness, instability and visible deformities. Depending on the location of joint, it can interfere with the most basic tasks such as walking, climbing stairs or using a keyboard or chopping vegetables.

How Does Boron Work

The role of Boron has been investigated very recently and it has been observed that Boron can reduce excretion of calcium by 44% and activate the metabolism of estrogen. It facilitates the integration of calcium into the cartilage and bones.

It seems to affect cell membranes and the way in which signals are transmitted across these membranes. Boron helps in converting vitamin D to its more reactive form and thus increases calcium uptake and its deposition into the bones.

Benefits Of Boron Treatment

Prevents Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Boron is a successful treatment option in recent times and significant improvement is noticed in most cases with its proper intake. It can stem the deterioration caused by weak and porous bones. Boron treatment also reduces the allergic conditions associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

Helps In Bone Building

Boron To Strengthen The Bones

The bone building capacities of calcium works in unison with Boron to strengthen the bones. It minimizes the risks of osteoporosis. It also helps in metabolism of essential minerals involved in the development of bones.

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Helps in Production of Hormones

Boron affects the production of estrogen and testosterone. It increases the level of natural hormones in the body and reduces the need for hormone replacement therapy.Boron treatment eases the symptoms of menopause and prevents post menopausal osteoporosis by preventing calcium loss from body. It plays an important role in maintaining cell membrane functions. It also improves brain function and cognitive functioning.

Sources Of Boron

Healthy Diet

Intake of Boron can be increased through healthy diet. It is found naturally in all foods produced from plants. Green vegetables and fruits such as grapes, apples, apricots and avocado are the best sources of Boron. Apart from these foods, soya, prunes, almonds, raisins, pecans and peanuts are also rich in Boron. Boron is also present in high quantity in legumes.

The amount of Boron in these sources may vary, depending upon the soil where they are grown. Boron supplements other than natural sources should always be taken under medical supervision. Excessive intake of Boron can lead to toxicity. Some symptoms of overdoses are nausea, weakness, loose motion, dermatitis and skeletal abnormalities.

Though it is easily absorbed and excreted through urine, excessive traces of the same may accumulate in the heart, kidney, brain and tissues. It is always recommended to get the advice of doctor or nutritionist before going through Boron treatment.