Boosting The Immune System


Catching a cold is a very irritating thing. You will be forced to lie in bed with a blocked or running nose. There are people who catch cold regularly, while some of them recover from it in a day, others suffer for a week. Do you know the reason for this? Well, it depends on the strength of their immune system.

About our immune system

Our immune system consists of three white cell producing parts, namely, T-lymphocytes which is a protection against virus, Lymphocytes which fights infection in blood and Leukocytes and monocytes which protects and also cleans. If these white cells are damaged due to some bacteria or parasites that enter our body, then our immune system suffers.

Other factors that weaken immune system

Besides diseases, there are other controllable factors that weaken our immune system.

Stress: Stress weakens our immune system. A person subject to long periods of stress has more chance of developing infections.

Improper diet
: Immune system can also be weakened by low body weight. Deficiency in proteins and vitamins also weakens your body and its ability to fight off germs.

Lack of Omega-6 and Omega-3, which is available in fish, can also weaken the body. It is said that sugar also interferes with our immune system.

Lack of sleep: Bodies of people who do not get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep in the night, tend to weaken fast, as sleep helps in producing cells.

Lack of exercise: During exercise, the body temperature increases and this boosts the immune system. Lack of exercise causes circulation of antibiotics in the body, thus weakening it.

Food to boost your immune system

•    Eat food that contains
•    Omega-6 and omega-3 (nuts and fish)
•    Vitamins (Citrus fruits, broccoli, grains)
•    Beta-carotene (yams, carrots)
•    Natural antibiotic (garlic, onions)
•    Herbs and supplements are also good immune boosters. Vaccines like flu shots also reduce infections.

Take care of yourself by keeping warm in cold weather. During cold seasons, avoid touching your eyes or nose in public places, and wash your hand thoroughly and keep them clean. Look after yourself and increase your immune system. Of course you might not be able to prevent yourself from getting sick, but at least you can recover soon.

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