Boiling of an egg for delicious egg salad


Egg salad sandwich is really very delicious and nutritive to eat. It is easy to make because you can refrigerate the egg salad mixture once you made it and then it becomes an instant dish to be made and ate. Egg salad can also be use as a topping especially in green leafy salads; with this it also makes tomato salad more delicious if it is arranged with whole-wheat toast with butter.

You can easily find a lot of delicious egg salad recipes on internet as well as in cookbooks. However, the key for tasty and delicious egg salad recipes is the way you boil egg. In order to get excellent outcome from your cooking, it is important to consider about how to boil an egg firmly? Perfect boiled egg is that which has a soft and tender texture while an over-boil egg has a harder texture and is rubbery to eat. So, here are some easy techniques through which you can enjoy smooth egg salad with even taste and texture.

First thing to consider is that, whether an egg is fresh or over-dated. Through the process of peeling you can conduct it very easily. The over-dated egg is easy to peel while an egg that is fresh requires more pressure to do so. The production of gas between the white membrane and shell is the main factor that is responsible behind the above mentioned fact. Therefore, it is advised to place your boiled eggs for cooling in order to peel them easily.

Besides this, if you have ever boiled the eggs then you might notice that sometime a green-brownish layer appears around the yolk of an egg. This occurrence of layer is due to the chemical reaction that takes place between the sulphur that is present in the egg white and iron that exist in the yolk of egg. This layer can be minimized easily by cooling eggs just after initial boiling.

A brief technique is here for how to boil an egg? Take a pan that is large enough to place eggs easily in it and than pour an inch of water on the top of the eggs layer. Give a boil on a hot burner and then remove the pan after 20 minutes. After removing a pan from the burner, take out the hot water and then pour some cold water in it. This quick cooling prevents chemical reaction and hence, appearing of greenish layer would be avoided.

By keeping, above technique in mind you would get soft and correct flavor of egg that is required for your egg salad.

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