Body tattoos


Tattoo came from the Tahitian word “tatu” which means to mark something and getting a tattoo means different to different people, some people wear it just to show and some wear to symbolize something particular. Short time ago, the majority of the people with tattoos were only the soldiers, scruffy groups and sailors who used to listen to certain unique type of music, but in recent years the tattoo thing is getting much popular than before and enjoying something of resurgence. Widely known types of body art are body painting, tattoos, shaping, scarification, branding and body piercing.

Body painting is usually done by painting on the body, usually covering the whole body completely with water-soluble makeup or paints. Body painting is very similar to painting on canvas, however, it can be more difficult to accomplish as the body has contours that makes painting pictures and scenes on the body more complicate

If you find your mom browsing the latest tattoo magazine for you to make you the latest punk rock star don’t get surprise. However, not all tattoos are the culmination of a tragedy or exciting experience. Some are simply a fun reminder of a “what the heck” moment. On vacation, a couple is walking by a tattoo parlor and they spot fun tattoo designs displayed in the window. Historically rock stars were renowned for getting tattoos. The band Red Hot Chili Peppers is an example where the band members have a well-developed collection of tattoos.

Singer Henry Rollins began his tattoo collection as the lead singer of Black Flag. Eminem continues to add to his tattoo collection but some critics have claimed that it will inhibit him if he wants to play a bigger acting role. Eminem’s tattoos are a combination of a style that is typical of Hip Hop and R&B artists such as Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent and Pharrel. There are many types and sites for body tattoos. For example, the neck tattoo is stands out and slightly shocking place to get inked, as it’s definitely noticeable and harder to cover up. It gives the impression of one who has gotten a tattoo and is not afraid to display it. A risk taker who goes all out and gets tattooed in an area he or she knows has very few options for cover up.

Caution as said by healthcare practitioner is your face, hands, and feet are the three places on your body that a tattoo artist may try to talk you out of tattooing. You may actually have a difficult time finding an artist who will give you a tattoo there. Why is this? Because often times people are impulsive about getting tattoos and the artist knows the fact.