Body paint – old concept, new touch


The art of adorning the body with paint has been practiced for thousands of years all over the world and it is still familiar to us today – from the faces of England supporters daubed with the flag of St George to images of New Guinea women in full tribal splendor, however, now body painting is becoming one of the hippest new art forms, gracing the bodies of dancers at some of the coolest clubs in London.

These flesh and blood sculptures take several hours and thousands of small brush strokes to transform into spectacular and often erotic works of art that last just for an evening.

It is perhaps the greatest appeal of the new body painting that it is a fleeting work of art on a full motion canvas and the dancer takes to the stage and gyrates through a kaleidoscope of colored lighting. But tomorrow all that will be left of the original artwork – and the night out – will be in the memories of the transfixed audience, nowadays, liquid latex has gained popularity in some last couple of years, earlier it was available as a make up material but now it is used for body paint design as well and is available in plethora of colors including clear and black.

It is also very easy to apply than any other paint and can be applied in less than thirty minutes and moreover, it cleans off really quickly. One single coat of latex liquid is alone enough for body design and can last for a day.

Problem faced during body painting

A trouble is that the human body is constantly moving, whether in action or even through basic breathing. A moving canvass can cause for a greater margin of error in accurate design. Another difficulty is that it is three dimensional, and a body painter must consider all of the curves.

Bigger curves and features, particularly with women, make for a harder final work of art. In catching a photo of a woman with large, painted breasts, angles can include a great deal of the artwork on one side for example. At the end, a body painter must consider the subject’s comfort level in sitting calmly for such long period of time, for it is not easy and this mixed with the time changing paint in an airbrush along with cleaning it, wearing mask, and even room temperature can make a subject uneasy and tired quickly