Bleeding mascara


You do not need to get tensed up here. This is no new kind of disease or health condition. It is simply a makeup hazard that sometimes occurs. The mascara runs from the side of your eyes so that it appears as if your eyes are bleeding.

Why does my mascara bleed?
The reasons for bleeding mascara are varied. They range from tears and rain to watery eyes.

How can I fix it?
You can fix this mishap and even prevent it altogether if you take proper steps. Here are a few tips on how you can prevent or fix bleeding mascara.

Select a mascara that will not bleed, a waterproof mascara

The best cure, it is said, is prevention. Therefore, instead of trying to fix bleeding mascara, you can choose one that will not bleed in the first place. Nowadays, several varieties of waterproof mascaras are available.

Besides, you should keep in mind that if you still go for one that bleeds then it is difficult to remove the stains from your face, even when you take a shower. Therefore, the wisest thing to do is to terminate the problem before it even occurs. Choosing waterproof mascara is the best way out of this problem.

Avoid mascara on problem days
If you are bent upon finishing the mascara that you already have and which you know is not waterproof, then you should avoid it during days where the chances are high for bleeding mascara. If you know that it might rain then it is no use putting on mascara because it will bleed. You can skip it on days when you might be planning to take a dip in the pool or when you have a cold because you will have watery eyes. If, however, you feel like something is missing if you do not wear mascara, then wear it, but carry it with you so that you can fix yourself in case of bleeding mascara.

Explore other alternatives
Mascara is not the only eye makeup that will make your eyes look great or make your eyelashes appear prominent and beautiful. You can even use an eyelash curler. This might even work better than mascara and also keep you away from bleeding mascara. You can be adventurous and think of other ways that you can highlight your eyes. After all, mascara is not the only thing out there.