Billionaire Helmsley’s prison suit auctioned for $850


CHICAGO (Reuters) – The dress worn by Leona Helmsley, the real estate billionaire was auctioned at 850 $. The dress was pink wool and denim skirt suit. This was the dress that she wored in the prison in the year 1992.

The Channel suit was one of hundreds of stuff of clothing and frills belonging to the late “Queen of Mean” sold at the auction that took place on sunday which generated the awesome $118,845, said Alice York, marketing manager for Leslie Hindman Auctioneers.

The stuff that was sold at the highest price was J. Mendel brown broad-tail coat that was sold at $12,000, while a brown sable coat went for $6,000.

The collection incorporated a red beaded evening gown designed by Bob Mackie that brought in $3,200 and a lot of sixteen pairs of Ferragamo shoes that sold for $1,000.

Many of the items sold were made by Helmsley’s full time dress maker who worked in a space that engaged the 3rd floor of one wing of Helmsley’s Greenwich, Connecticut estate.

The Helmsley holdings once incorporated The Empire State Building and quite a few lavish hotels that were promoted by advertisements in that Leona Helmsley appeared with copy reading, “The only palace where the queen stands guard.”

Helmsley was crooked of tax avoidance in 1989 and got an imprisonment for one and ahalf year. Testimony at her trial incorporated her statement: “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.”

She hit the caption again after her death when she willed twelve million dollars to her Maltese dog, Trouble in August 2007. Fortune magazine said was one of the year’s dumbest business moves.