Bewitching Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Decorating a bathroom

Decorating a bathroom A lot of people spend huge sum of money on their drawing room furniture, in buying flowers to invite a blissful feel in their bedrooms, for painting their living rooms a variety of hues, but ignore an indispensable part of their home- the bathroom.

A woman’s homeliness might be evident from how she keeps her kitchen, but how a family maintains its bathroom shows how genteel it is. Every individual in the family may have his or her own room and space,the kitchen might traditionally be the sole responsibility of the female, but in today’s modern and shrinking houses of the urban cities, a bathroom is the sole area that the members in a family need to share.

Effect Of Proper Bathroom Décor

It is, sometimes, said that the best of thoughts spark in the bathroom- and for the same to become feasible, proper decorations and ambience is must for a bathroom. Historically, we have all heard of the example of how Archimedes yelled ‘Eureka!’ in the bathtub.

Had it not been for the soothing effect of the bathroom, such a marvel might have not even taken place. Thus, when it comes to a bathroom, it is essential to maintain a refreshing as well as rejuvenating feel in it in order for it to exhibit a positive and exuberating energy.

Tales Of Tiles

The first step to achieving an elegant bathroom is the tiles. Tiles in a variety of colours and designs are available in the market for your selection as per your taste and budget, as well. It is best to choose colours that are not too dark or effervescent so as to make the bathroom appear pacifying.

Bathroom decorating ideas

Also, dark colours like black easily show soap stains- that is something you do not want at all! However, extra faint or sober colours can make the bathroom appear dull. So, the best decision for you, when it comes to bathroom tiles, is to opt for cheerful as well as light colours like light blue, yellow, pink or such.

Or, for example, a green and white colour scheme can be opted for a beautiful touch. Such shades also make the bathroom appear larger and better lit. It would only add to your bathing experience and fun.

Kid’s Bathroom Basics

For kids’ bathroom, a variety of tiles with imprints of cartoon designs are also available these days. Another way of making your bathroom look outstanding is to make a selection of tiles in ascending or descending order of shades, with numbers or alphabets on them. It would add a beautiful effect to the bathroom and become an instrument of ‘learning while enjoying’ for kids.

Avoid Complications

Bathroom furnishings should not be too crafted or complicated so as to not hinder its cleaning process. It is usually difficult to reach between the grooves of a heavily carved faucet, and for the same reason, simplicity at its best is the best mode to be displayed in the bathroom.

Bathroom decorating ideas

Light coloured furnishings and faucets are usually advisable for the same reason- soap stains. Soaps can leave nasty blots or stains on furniture. For long lasting and good looking furniture in the bathroom, accessorise your bathroom with light coloured touches on them.

Basin Basics

The wash basin, if on a platform, shouldn’t be fixed too far behind such that people would have to bend over to brush their teeth or use the basin for routine purposes. It is better to opt for a wash basin that is at a proper level, and helps in keeping the back straight at all times.

The cupboard hooked over the basin should be also affixed properly. It should not be so bulgy that the chances of the other persons bumping their heads into them would increase. Avoiding such small blunders should be kept in mind.

Fancy Footmats

Footmats at the door help in avoiding wet footprints all over the house, and make the bathrooms in appearing elegant. Such mats come in varied shapes and colours.

Bathroom decorating

You can match them up with your bathroom furniture. They come in varied textures, as well, so that you can be at comfort while using them. Say, some people love a soft feel under their feet, while some like their mats stern and a bit coarse.

Accessorising Your Bathroom

Old flower vases and jugs with a subtle crack that have lost their use in the kitchen would look really good in the bathroom. Artificial flowers in bright colours, either complementing the tiles or adorned in a cheerful contrast, can be placed on the window sill to make the bathroom an inviting corner for whosoever uses it.

Call For Curtains

For bathrooms that have been equipped with a bathtub, plastic curtains with bright, jolly prints can be used to create an amazing bath effect.

Bathroom decoration ideas

A variety of curtains are available like the ones in newspaper or digital prints, transparent ones, animated prints and more. For a distinguished look to your bathroom, you should try one of these out.

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Don’t Dump!

With decreasing floor area, less has become more. It is advisable that the bathroom be not too clogged or furnished such that it would appear cramped. A general rule, if it is not required, is to do away with it. Space optimisation is necessary for an ultimate bathroom.

The shelves kept on the platform or floor can be fixed on the wall. Toothbrushes, shampoos, soaps etc can be placed on these rather than being dispersed on the platform. Stuffs like Colin, toilet cleaner and such can be kept on fixed corner racks.

The mirror above the wash basin should be large. This makes the bathroom appear larger. Light fixed above the mirror is an extremely useful feature. It makes the bathroom better lit, and is helpful while shaving or applying make-up. A small, closed cupboard on the wall is useful for private items.

These cupboards can be decorated by pasting calendar cut outs, leftover wallpaper or simply by sketching over them. The dustbin placed in the bathroom can adopt colours matching the curtain or the flowers kept in the bathroom. In general, the bathroom should be elegant, colorful but not messy, spacious but not boring and furnished but not clumsy.

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