Better way to communicate with a child


Parents know every bit of their children’s health related problems but sometimes they come across with the most difficult situation when things are not in their hands. Such situations could be when children are too young and they find it difficult to understand their demands or needs. It is very difficult to handle when they are sick. They could be crying for food, frightened or want you to change cloths. When they are in 12-18 months they know how to show yes and no through their gestures, nodding heads.
However, there are other children who do not develop communication language and they are slow in learning. Such children face communication problem. Communication difficulties may be severe, minor or medium.

Causes of communication problems are physical factors such as hypotonia, these children have low muscle tone and they have problem of moving mouth muscles and are not able to speak. The sound they produced is not clear. These children may most likely to develop hearing problems as well.
Sometimes disabilities and acquired brain injury may cause communication problems. Lack of experience or stimulation and limited opportunities to talk with others can be considered to be the main causes of the problem.

Parents need to know the root cause of the problem. If you are finding your children to be in such situation then take them to hospital and consult your child specialist.
You should check up your child’s eyes and hearing to be in safer side.

Provide facility to your child to practice communicating with other children. Leave them in a protected place and let them talk to each other. Always try to call them from far to know if they don’t have hearing problems. Don’t leave your child with any unknown person. This will hamper his communication skill out of fear.

Try to practice him how to talk, show him/her your lip movements and teach them slowly. If any health problems pop up immediately consult your pathologist or pediatrician.