Best Tricks To Conceal Pregnancy

tips to conceal pregnancy

tips to conceal pregnancy While almost every woman wants to become mother and enjoy motherhood, there are certain situations too that do not allow you to reveal that you are pregnant. It might not be the right time to announce that you are carrying a baby.

Or there might be several other situations too. The most common one among them is when an unwed woman gets pregnant and she wishes to conceal it from her parents till she settles it all with her boyfriend and decides to get married. There can be other professional reasons as well, when she might not find it the proper time to burst the news of pregnancy.

Anyway, whatever may be the reason, a woman would wish to hide her obvious signs from everyone as much as possible. The initial few weeks are not a problem in that regard as during that time the most obvious symptom, the protruding belly does not show up. But as a pregnant woman crosses her third trimester, it gets prominent. It is this time that she should know how to hide it.

Here are simple tricks you can play to conceal your pregnancy, if you are among such women too. Follow them and be happy with the result.

Method no. 1: Hide Your Morning Sickness

The most obvious symptom of pregnancy is morning sickness. Whenever you get up from bed in the morning, you will feel like vomiting and experience nausea. A few shreds of ginger, or a lemon or orange flavored sour candy or strong beetle leaves will be handy now. Keep any of them handy so that you can chew them the first thing you wake up in the morning. Your feeling of vomiting will subside.

Method no.2: Hide Your Exhaustion

During pregnancy you will feel tired and exhausted. The best way to overcome this is to reduce stress from life if you are serious about hiding your pregnancy. Reduce the amount of work that you have been doing till now, as your body will get even more fatigued with the similar level of work. Go to sleep early at night and wake up a bit late in the morning than your usual time. In this way you will increase your duration of rest and sleep. This will help you to get rid of exhaustion to a great deal.

Method no.3: Hide Your Baby Bump

During the initial days of the appearance of baby bump, you can hide it efficiently by altering the type clothes you wear. Even if you have a nice figure and love to show it off wearing body hugging, tight tops, this is not the right time to wear them. If you wish to hide your baby bump, then you must opt for the dresses that are loosely fitted. They will never expose your belly.

Method no. 4: Make Up A Nice Reasoning

When you are pregnant, the doctor will instruct you not to have certain foods like fish rich in mercury, too much of refined sugar or other types of refined food, etc. Moreover, there is a strict rule against any sort of addiction like alcohol, smoking, etc. But, you cannot abstain yourself from all those publicly as your pregnancy will be suspected. So, plan up a wise alibi to say that you are allergic to all these food or have decided to give up your addictions too.

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