Best Tips For Nail Polish Application


One of life’s little pleasures is having great looking nails. Even the most beautiful hands and feet can do with help to enhance and highlight their beauty. While, manicures and pedicures help in giving your hands and feet that well-kept and well maintained look, what really sets them off is the application of soft pastel or bright nail polish shades that bring out and showcase their beauty. However, do keep in mind that badly applied nail polish can do just the reverse. Here are a few tips to show you how to apply nail polish like a professional.

First, you must remove all traces of old nail polish. Then soak your hands and feet in warm, soapy water. Ensure your nails are clean and there is no greasy residue on them. Next trim, file and buff your nails. Apply cuticle softener and gently push back cuticles with an orange stick, including trimming them, if need be.

Wash hands again using a nailbrush to remove any trace of moisturiser or oil. Dry hands thoroughly. Next, apply a thin base coat taking it right over your nail tips. Always apply base coat as it not only prevents nail colours from staining your nails, it also gives you a smooth, even base to apply nail polish on.

Let dry and then proceed to applying two thin coats of your favourite nail colour. The best way to apply nail polish is in three stokes i.e. down the middle and one on each side. Keep some Q-tips and nail remover handy for rectifying any mistakes. When nail colour is completely dry, finish off by applying a colour finish as topcoat remembering to take it over the tips of your nails. Dry, which it should be within no more than five minutes, and then use some baby oil over the tops to seal it.

Give yourself a complete pedicure. Follow up by painting your toenails, readying your feet for looking great in some pretty sandals. Prevent smudges by using toe separators, or if these are unavailable, little pieces of cotton wool placed between the toes will serve the purpose. Apply nail polish just as you did for your hand nails. No doubt, you are the one with the prettiest hands and feet in town!