Best Remedies For Gout In Knee

Best Remedies For Gout In KneeGout is a very painful form of arthritis that affects mainly the big toe, but can affect other small joints of the body as well. This condition arises because of the accumulation of uric acid in the blood. In this situation, the knee of the patient becomes stiff, swollen and in severe cases, he/she remains unable to use it at all.

Due to swelling of the knee, the pain may be felt in the lower part of the legs as well. Here are some of the best remedies for gout in knee:

Remedies For Gout In Knee


The first and foremost treatment for the patients with the gout is to give rest to the joint that is painful. As the gout causes inflammation to the joint and that inflammation aggravates with activity, so resting is a must for any gout patient and is always recommended by the doctors.

Anti-inflammatory Drugs

Most doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs to the patients suffering from gout along with the pain relievers so as to cure the attack and make the patient feel at ease.

Remedies For Gout In Knee

There are some medications that are to be avoided in a gout attack and most important of them is the aspirin which raises the uric acid level and worsens the inflammation of the joint. So, always check if your other medications are compatible with the gout or not.

Increase Fluid Intake

Increasing the fluid intake also helps in gout because water helps in flushing out the toxins from the body. Other than that, the patients suffering from gout are at higher risk of developing a kidney stone. So, increasing the fluid intake stops stone formation in the kidneys. Alcohol should be avoided in this condition because alcohol acts as a diuretic and, in turn, leads to dehydration and precipitates further gout attacks.

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Diet Changes

Gout occurs because of increased uric acid level in the blood and one has to avoid the foods that contribute to uric acid formation. Uric acid is formed in the body by purine, so one should avoid foods rich in purine. These foods mainly consist of the protein rich foods. Shellfish, meats, kidney beans, lentils are very rich in purines and should be completely avoided in this case.

Gout In Knee

There are certain foods that help in easing the gout condition such as sour cherries, black bean broth, apple cider vinegar. Taking juices of these food items can help relieve the pain and inflammation of the joints to a large extent. Other than that, dairy products also help in giving relief from gout in knee and pain caused due to it.

Weight Maintenance

Mostly patients suffering from gout are advised by the doctors to lose weight or control their weight. Weight reduction requires fat consumption to be bare minimum and calorie intake along with it has to be regulated. Your physician can = give you a diet chart that will tell you about the caloric contents of the foods. You can make a plan accordingly and avoid gaining extra weight.


Exercise is a must for gout patients as gout causes stiffness and it becomes difficult to ambulate and go about your daily activities with the pain and stiffness that is caused by gout. So, you can ask your physician for a complete exercise regime.

So, pay attention to your body, eat healthy, exercise, and take plenty of fluid to help you out of the gout attack and prevent further attacks also.