Benefits of Spirulina supplement


spirulinasupplement Although spirulina is famous for giving one a boost of energy, it also helps with a variety of other ailments. DNA repair, cholesterol, and communication between cells are all helped with just a little bit of this supplement.

One of the main benefits one stands to gain is the improvement of their immune system. There have been many studies conducted that have shown that spirulina greatly helps to increase not only red blood cell production, but also the activity of the cells of bone marrow. Even T cells and macrophages have been increased.

Studies conducted on Spirulina

Other studies conducted by Japanese scientists have shown that the growth of herpes virus, measles, and influenza have all been stunted by spirulina. Polysaccharides, phycocyanin and beta carotene are the active components of spirulina, which work to improve the immune system.

Spirulina also manages to fight bacteria such as E. coli and encourage the growth of good bacteria in order to ensure that our bodies function well.

Other Benefits of Spirulina

Another great attribute of spirulina is that it detoxifies one’s system well. A study revealed that spirulina actually helps decrease the toxicity of certain other drugs on one’s kidneys.

Another study done on the children who survived the nuclear accident at Chernobyl showed that those who had taken spirulina had managed to lower the radionuclide levels in their bodies by half in a matter of about 45 days.

Since it can be absorbed easily, spirulina has also been used to fight malnutrition in underdeveloped parts of the world.

As stated before, some of the other benefits include making communication between cells more efficient, helps to repair damaged strands of DNA, and also gives one an added boost of energy.

Even those suffering from high blood pressure can gain some relief from spirulina as it makes the arteries healthier and helps to improve their function.

It also works to increase good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol for those who have ingested just a few grams of it a day. Of course as with any other sort of supplement or drug, one should always consult their physician before taking it in order to avoid a possible allergic reaction.

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  • Spirulina helps in the following:

    Helps control Obesity
    Improves Skin
    Fights Arthritis
    Strengthens Immune System
    Natural Body Cleansing
    Fights Diabetes
    Controls Hypertension (Blood Pressure)
    Helps reduce Cholestrol

    Spirulina is High in Fiber, Protein, B-Carotene, Vitamins, Minerals.