Benefits of Mulberry

Most of us have never even heard of mulberry which is sad, because the health benefits of consuming the fruit are numerous.

When you are healthy, eating mulberry can prevent liver cancer, calm frayed nerves, cure hypertension, relieve constipation, treat abdominal distention, and strengthen your liver and kidney. Just eating a small amount of mulberries every single day will improve your appetite and make it easier to digest food.

Reverse the Effects of Alcohol

You will be extremely happy to have a bottle of mulberry juice stashed in your refrigerator when you have consumed too much alcohol. Mulberry juice actually speeds up the way your body digests the alcohol. After drinking mulberry juice you won’t be tipsy as long and your hangover won’t be nearly as severe.

Mulberry Juice for post surgery.

More and more doctors are starting to subscribe mulberry juice after a patient has been through a surgery. The enzymes in the mulberry fruit actually speed up the healing process, decrease the amount of swelling, aid recovery after childbirth, and help prevent infection.

People who are dizzy, having a difficult time sleeping, pallor, and have anemia have noticed that eating one or two servings of mulberries has actually cured their health problems.

Relieve Eyestrain

If your job puts a great deal of strain on your eyes you should start to supplement your diet with a glass of all natural mulberry juice. The vitamin A in the mulberry juice will not only relieve the effects of eye strain but will also strengthen your eyes and help save your vision.

Prevent Dehydration

Are you prone to bouts of dehydration? Mixing just ten grams of mulberry juice with an eight ounce glass of water will help your body manage its body fluids. While relieving your dehydration problems, the mulberry juice will also improve your body’s ability to resist disease and improve your gastric juice secretion.

Topical Benefits

Did you know that mulberries can actually make you look younger, or at least make your hair appear younger? Every morning you should pour a small amount of mulberry juice over your hair. Massage the juice into your scalp. The juice will darken your gray hairs and encourage it to grow.