Benefits Of Loquat


The scientific name of the fruit is Eriobotrya japonica (Thunb.) Lindl and it belongs to the Rosaceae family. Loquat is known to be indigenous to China. However, it has been grown in Japan and India since antiquity and is also found in Indochina, the Mediterranean region, and to some extent, the New World subtropics. Offering a first-rate source of vitamin A, potassium, beta carotene, fiber, and carbohydrates, Loquats are low in calories. Eating five daily servings of fruits and vegetables lowers the chances of cancer. A recent study found that eating nine or ten daily servings of fruits and vegetables, combined with three servings of low-fat dairy products, were effective in lowering blood pressure.

Loquats are small, tartly sweet, golden-yellow to orange fruit that resembles an apricot in size and color. The juicy, crisp flesh is pale yellow and has a delicate, sweetly tart cherry-like or pear-like flavour. It surrounds 1 to 3 seeds that are about the size of apricot pits. These fruits are favourites among Asian cultures. Loqauts are also known as Japanese plum. They are a great delicacy in the Orient. It is not a citrus fruit, but more closely related to a pear or apple.

Nutritional Value of Loquat

Given below is the amount of nutrients per 100 g of loquat:

· Water Content – 87%
· Calories – 47 kcal
· Protein – 0.4 g
· Fat – 0.2 g
· Cholesterol – 0 mg
· Carbohydrate -12.0 g
· Total Dietary Fiber – 1.7 g
· Calcium – 16 mg
· Iron – 0.3 mg
· Magnesium – 13 mg
· Phosphorus – 27 mg
· Potassium – 266 mg
· Sodium – 1 mg
· Vitamin C – 1 mg
· Vitamin A – 1528 IU
· Fiber – 0.83 – 1.7g

The loquat is low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium and High in Vitamin A, Dietary Fiber, Vitamin B6, Potassium and Manganese. The nutritional value and health benefits of loquat make them ideal for: Maintaining optimum health and Weight loss. Avoid including loquats in your diet if you’re interested in Weight gain.

Cooking Tips: Peel and seed the fruit and serve with sliced banana, orange sections and grated coconut. Some people prepare spiced loquats (with cloves, cinnamon, lemon and vinegar) in glass jars. Loquats also make good jam and jelly.

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