Benefits of green tea


Drink green tea and lead a greenery life. “Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it ,” the saying goes so true. You don’t realize until it becomes too obvious. Don’t tend to go at the last moment. Sometimes your body becomes dumping ground for nasty diseases. One needs to be watchful about being healthy.

Recently researchers have found that it helps reducing cholesterol, risk of cancer and blood pressure, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, infection and impaired immune system.
Drinking green tea may decrease the amount of cholesterol. There are millions who are suffering from this disease.

This tradition of green tea may sound quite new to the rest of the world apart from china but its creating a promising job for all. It’s making waves.
It is proving benefit for the people who are suffering from cancer. The researchers have shown that in china esophageal cancer both women and men have benefited and it is improving nearly 60% of patients have reduced the risk.

It also has shown for smokers suffering from breathing problem. They are less risky if you sip green tea. It also heals depression and headache too.
The fact is that green tea is rich in catechism polyphenols, especially epigallocatechim gallate.
People who are dying to become slim trim they can develop to sip a cup of green tea every morning. It has bee proved scientifically that it checks your weight gain.

You can keep away dental problem at bay. Green tea destroys the bacteria that causes
Tooth decay.

What else would one need when you are getting in one cup. It does the great job for all those who have already made it a habit to drink green tea.
So, don’t think you just need to make it your habit too.
If tea can protect you from suffering deadly diseases then why give it a thought even for a second?

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