5 Benefits Of Custard Apple

Benefits Of Custard Apple

Benefits Of Custard Apple

Custard apples are also called bull’s hearts. The custard apple is a heart shaped fruit that is packed full of all sorts of vitamins and minerals that will improve the way your body functions. When the custard apple is ripe its skin will turn yellow or brown. You shouldn’t eat a custard apple unless it is completely ripe.

5 Benefits Of Custard Apple

Increased Expectorant

Custard Apples Help In Clearing Nasal Passages

Eating custard apples will help you clear your nasal passages. When you eat a custard apple you create a process called expectorant, something that helps the body expel mucus from your lungs and nasal passages. Smokers should eat a large amount of custard apples to help remove the junk from their lungs.

A Source Of Copper

Custard Apples For Brittle Bones

Custard apples are an excellent source of copper. Copper is a trace mineral that helps are body form hemoglobin. When a woman doesn’t have enough copper in her system, there is an increased risk that her child will be born early. Other side effects of a copper deficiency include brittle bones and a low white blood cell count. The average person needs about nine hundred micrograms of copper each day. Pregnant women need one thousand micrograms of copper each day, and if she decides to breastfeed she will need approximately thirteen hundred micrograms of copper.

Topical Uses

Custard Apples Helps In Skin Abscess

If you have a skin infection or a skin abscess you should grind a custard apple into a thick paste and than spread the paste on the infected area. The custard apple’s juice acts as a drawing agent and will help pull the poison from your skin.

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Benefits of Custard Apple

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 Helps In Depression

Custard apples are a rich source of the Vitamin B6. It is important that you eat a diet that is rich in Vitamin B6 because a deficiency can cause skin problems, an extremely sore tongue, convulsions, depressions, and depression. The older a person gets the greater the chances of a Vitamin B6 deficiency.

Colon Health

Vitamin C Helps In Chronic Diarrhea

People who are suffering from chronic diarrhea should try eating unripe custard apples that have been dried and crushed. The dried custard apple can than be used to make a tea that will help ease the person’s digestive system and improve their colon’s health. Custard apples are rich in vitamin C.


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