Benefits Of Cherries In Curing Arthritis

Benefits Of Cherries In Curing Arthritis

Benefits Of Cherries In Curing Arthritis

Arthritis is a very common ailment and many people have been found complaining about it. Arthritis in the simplest terms is joint pain. Our joints are protected by cartilage. Cartilage eases the pressure on our joints when we change postures or make any movements involving our joints like walking, jogging etc. Arthritis breaks down this cartilage increasing the friction between our bones. This constant rubbing of bone with bone leads to many problems like swelling, inflammation, stiffness and acute pain.

You know you have a high probability of being an arthritis patient when you have severe joint pain, prolonged difficulty in movements, swelling around the joints, reddish marks around certain joints etc. Your doctor will verify the same for you after physical examinations and x-rays. You would also be given some drugs to bring immediate and temporary respite. What about the long run?

Can Arthritis Be Cured?

Time and again we have heard that arthritis has no cure or arthritis has no permanent cure. Well this is nothing but a myth. Arthritis can be cured to a very large extent by natural remedies. If you really want to live an arthritis free life remember the four Cs-commitment, caution, care and cherries. We briefly discuss the first 3 Cs before an elaborate discussion on the most intriguing 4th C-Cherries!

Curing Arthritis Is Easy

Meditation For Arthritis

Curing arthritis requires commitment and faith from your end. You have to have the never say die spirit. You must never fall into the trap that arthritis has no cure so just let it be. You must be very regular with the regime of exercises recommended by your physician or trainer. This is to be followed with caution. Let’s not over do the physical exercises so much that instead of healing our joints it hurts them. So be cautious and go slow. Once you are suffering from arthritis you need to show care to your body. Practice meditation, use hot/cold packs as deemed fit, sleep well and eat healthy nutritious food!

Cherries-The Miracle Arthritis Drug

It’s not new, for decades cherries have been known to have many health benefits including relief from pain. We have heard it from our grannies and now scientists have put their stamp and pharmaceutical companies are rushing to develop different drugs from cherry extracts. Cherries contain vital anti-oxidants which helps drastically reduce the inflammation and swelling in joints. Consumption of cherries has miraculously brought relief to even chronic sufferers of joint pain who were sure of no cure!

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Benefits Of Cherries

Cherries For Arthritis

When we eat cherries it controls and checks the uric acid levels in our stomach which has a major positive effect on our body. Cherries are known to have drastic effects especially on people suffering from the most common types of arthritis, namely, gout and osteoarthritis. It has positive and equal benefits on both men and women.

Cherries-All The Year Round!

Before you start wondering about the season cherries are found in, let me enlighten you that cherries can be consumed in any and every form! Nothing beats garden fresh, home grown or organic cherries! However, equally good and powerful are canned cherries, cherry juices, cherry extracts as well as cherry extract pills! Make sure to include a handful of cherries in your breakfast regime for a healthy, arthritis free life!

Nidhi Dokania