Benefits of cabbage


Cabbage is a popular vegetable and is assumed that every one knows the benefits of cabbage for your health. It has many more roles for your health. It acts as a vegetable as well as medicine.

It has the capacity to cure cancer and this is the known fact. There is a big history behind this vegetable if you look back to those Roman and Greeks; they used to drink white fresh cabbage to relive sore or infection eyes. They used to drink to prevent intoxication.

The truth about the cabbage is that it has got multiple roles to heal your body. You can visit these lines to know what are the benefits that human body draws from the cabbage.
The foremost fact is, we use it for vegetables, salad, etc. Besides that, they are good sources of anti- inflammatory vegetable.

Cabbage acts as to disinfect colon since it contains lactic acid. It also reduces your headache. People suffering from cancer should increase the intake of cabbage as it has got anti-cancer properties to heal. This is good for your skin as well. You can eat cabbage as a cooked vegetable or in the form of salad and you can take it in the form of juice.

You can drink cabbage juice 25-50 ml everyday to treat headache, asthma, bronchitis and other digestion problems. You can also dab white cabbage juice on your mouth to cure ulcer and they say it heals faster.
However there are certain precautions you need to apply. Never buy halved or quarter heads of cabbage though it might have wrapped properly because when the cover leaves are chopped the Vitamin C is also lost. Don’t wash it before; wash it only when you are ready to use it. Always buy heavy solid heads of cabbage so that you get whatever vitamin and benefits are in the cabbage.

There is a particular cabbage which comes in red colour. This is not good for people who are suffering from goiter. This simple football shape has in-store so many good things for us.

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