Benefits Of Breastfeeding – The Approach To Healthy Babies

Benefits Of Breastfeeding

Nature intended that a human child be fed with milk from its mother, which has numerous advantages for both mother and child when compared with bottle feeding.

Consider the following:

The baby stands to benefit due to the presence of a number of antibodies in the mother’s milk which can help the baby’s immune system to benefit, since it is only just developing, and protects the child from a lot of conditions like diarrhea, infections and nausea.

Mother’s milk also reduces the chances of sudden infant death syndrome, which is also known as cot death. Precisely this has prompted the World Health Organization to  recommend  breast feeding exclusively during the immediate six months period after the baby is born, after which you can supplement some solid food till the baby is one year old and afterwards. Breastfeeding can save numerous children, especially in poorer developing countries.

The mother benefits from breastfeeding her child because she will be at a lesser risk of contracting cancer of the ovaries or of the breasts. Moreover, when her breasts are producing the milk, her body can burn away the calories and help her lose the excess pounds which she might have gained during her pregnancy.

More importantly, when a mother breastfeeds her child, she is building a bond with her baby emotionally which can help in the infant’s development.

More than anything, the breastfeeding mother doesn’t have to spend for her child’s milk. It is certainly the most convenient and least expensive (in fact it’s free) alternative to all other forms of feeding. The milk comes free; you don’t have to purchase any accessories to feed the baby. You don’t have to carry bags full of accessories when you are moving, and there is no worry about running out of milk if the baby suddenly feels hungry.

Moreover, when you are feeding your child at night, it makes it very easy; you don’t have to spend time and effort preparing hot water, thermos flasks, milk powder and sugar. All are contained in the ready to drink warm milk that is stored in your breasts. It comes well prepared and in the right temperature suitable for your baby. Think about the health factors which make mother’s milk the best milk for the baby.