Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage


Since Aromatherapy is a subtle way of restoring healthy functioning of the body, it can be done to all persons irrespective of their age or sex. Aaromatherapy specialists work their fingers on the pressure points with frictions.

In fact, one does need not be a specialist to massage ones friends or family members to make them feel relaxed. However, you should know some basic finger and hand movements.

An Aromatherapy Massage should not be given after the person has had a sumptuous meal.

This massage should not be performed on any kind of infected parts of body, if a person is feeling feverish or at places where varicose veins are visible, or on an inflamed or swollen part. Bruised skin should also not be massaged.

Before you massage a person, find out whether the person has any such complaints. Also make sure your room and hands are warm. Do not use cold hands to massage.

When aromatherapy massage is given in the correct ambience and atmosphere, it can prove to be a pleasurable experience. Remember, aromatherapy consists of a number of oils and these oils, and warm and gentle massaging can give a great feeling, especially if this is accompanied with music.

During Aromatherapy Massage, you can cover parts of body, which are not being massaged with a towel. Keep a bottle of hot water beneath the feet of the patient for complete relaxation of the feet.

Don’t have bright lights in the room; instead use a table light for gentle but adequate light. After you become comfortable with the massage, you can switch over to candlelight as the soft flames will bring a hypnotic kind of feeling. Keep the room noise-free, keep the phone off, and instead use some soothing music.

Essential oils used in Aromatherapy can also contribute to the effect through their own scents, which will further relax your body. The simplest way to perfume the whole room is to add a drop or two of the oil chosen by you to water bowl and put it on a radiator, allowing the water to gradually evaporate.

After creating the correct atmosphere go ahead and experience the soothing feeling of the massage.