Belly Button Piercing

These days, just about anywhere you go you will see someone with a piercing in a place you might not have thought is possible. So what is with the trend of new body piercing? Well, according to polls and research, it is becoming ever the more popular and appealing for young adults to express themselves through means of body piercing. One of the most readily seen areas of piercing seems to be the belly button piercing. Young women have been showing off their midsections and the piercing that goes along with it!

While for decades, the ear was the only possible and acceptable place to get a piercing, things have certainly changed. Belly button piercing is quickly becoming one of the most popular places to get a piercing. More and more teenagers and young adults are getting a belly button ring, While this is not a gender specific piercing, it is predominant among females, and is a way for women to show off their navel area in style.

The technique behind belly button piercing is not that different than that used in ear piercing. The person is reclined and the area is completely swabbed with anesthetics, then there is a gun-like piercing device that clamps one of the ends on the inner side of the belly button, while the other drives a piercing needle through to meet the other end of the ring and is closed.

Now, this may sound painful to many of us, but the procedure only lasts a couple of minutes, and the pain resides shortly after the procedure is complete. The difference in the after care of a belly button piercing versus an ear piercing is that the belly button area is very prone to getting infected, and the wound is a lot bigger than a traditional ear piercing. It is important to follow all of the after care instructions very closely after having a belly button piercing and keep the area completely clean at all times.

Most advise that you should not change the ring for up to a year to let the area totally heal and not risk infection. The designs of the rings can vary greatly. Some are simple hoops while others have gemstones and dangle. Whatever leads someone to get a belly button piercing, they are becoming very popular and cause a lot of navel exposure to be taking place, especially among the college generation.


  • Kirsty

    Right, i looked on you tube for belly piercings and watched a video, and this woman who had it done, had a needle push in very fast all the way through and she started crying. Is this what happens when i have it done?
    Because of this, i don’t want it done, even though I’ve wanted it done now for 4 years.
    Please could you send me a video of how it will be done, so i know what to expect?