Belching Flatulence – How to Get Rid of a Belching Problem

Belching Problems

You have to distinguish first between the normal belching after having a meal, and abnormal belching – that is, belching repeatedly, which may be caused by disorders in the digestive process. If you are belching repeatedly while feeling bloated, it may be a sign of the onset of a serious condition affecting the digestive system.

Though belching in itself is not a symptom, it may be the beginning of a serious condition. Instead of trying to address the symptoms, you should treat the causes, which is the holistic way of treating a disease.

Homeopathy is a good treatment procedure which adopts a holistic approach. It can help you find relief provided you are able to find the correct medicine for your symptoms. Therefore, before you can treat belching, you should first analyze the symptoms related to digestive maladies instead of looking at other symptoms. It will then be easy to find the appropriate medicine that will solve your belching problem.

There are some medicines like Carbo vegetabilis, or Carbo veg, to deal with gas production in the digestive system. You will know that the medicine is working when you pass gas, giving you relief. It’s the same as drinking some carbonated beverages to get similar relief. If this is what you are doing to get relief from gas, Carbo veg may be the medicine for your belching problem.

This medicine is effective for the following conditions:

When you have heavy bloating in the abdomen, you get relief through burping and/or passing gas. When you have dyspnea (shortness of breath) due to overeating. When, after a meal, you have the need to get more air, either from a fan or air conditioner or by going outdoors. You feel worse if you try to lie down. You feel faint due to the gas. You feel extremely cold but do not want to cover yourself. You may be suffering from oxygen starvation, manifested by pale lips.

Carbo veg has a wide range of action but most importantly, it produces more gas in the digestive system but this is relieved through increased belching.

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