Behaviour Stages Of A 4 Year Old

4 year old behaviour

4 year old behaviour Are you a first time parent, anxious to know if your child is doing the things his/her age children do? Or are you a confused parent not sure of what to expect out of your child in his/her different growth years? Yes, it is true that children seem to grow at an amazing speed and before we realize are doing and asking things that leave us completely shocked and surprised.

But do not worry because every child is different. Although an understanding of basic traits that a child will show will help you keep a check on the overall development of your child and provide some relief to you as a parent. Get ready for lots of fun galore as your baby turns four.

Growth can be divided into 3 stages, physical being the first which is followed by mental or behavioural and Social or emotional. A 4 year old display clear signs of development and it is indeed a surprise when you hear or see them doing things that you never had thought of.

Different Stages Of A 4 Year Old

The Physical Traits

Every parent loves to see their child hopping and jumping around in the house. However, your four year old will do much more now. Their precision is much better and you might see them doing things that will amaze you, shock you and most importantly get you to feel proud.

Children at this age indulge in great physical activity. They will begin to run backwards and hop on one foot. While jumping from a height now their landing is more definite and balanced. The precision is also developing as now they will walk on a straight or a curved line. As a parent, be ready to hear from your little ones say that they are grown up now. They will want to dress and undress themselves and they love to unzip, unsnap and unbutton things.

They want to brush their hair themselves now. It is very important for the parents to let the kids do what they think they can and help them if they need your help. This way the feeling of inadequacy will not harbour and they will learn better. Children at this age will love to go out in a park and will be able to pump themselves up in a swing. They will also do other things like playing catch and throw.

The Mental traits 

A lot many times children end up saying or doing something that can leave the parents in complete disbelief. It is to be noted that the brain development is highest at this age. Hence, they will ask a lot of ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions and will expect answers.

Behaviour stages of 4 year old

They are very curious and want to know everything around them. They will begin to understand some basic concepts like day and night, near and far, empty and full, heavy and light big and small etc. They also understand words and concepts like size, weight, colour and position. Their classification skills and the ability of reasoning are increasing. They will begin to recognize shapes like circle, square and triangle. They are also able to sort out things according to their shapes.

Children at the age of 4 will willingly want to learn many new things and also try their hand at doing a few things. They will like to do craft and cut things with scissors and also do other kind of art work. At 4, they absolutely love to solve puzzles and make jigsaw puzzles. Encourage them to do so as this will help develop their brain.

The Social-Emotional traits

Children at 4 years of age become more inclined socially and interact with everybody. It could be a complete surprise for the parents to see that as their child crosses the age of 4, all the inhibitions and reservations are forgotten and they love to talk with people. They enjoy company and will love to be with friends and siblings rather than playing alone.

They also understand the concept of sharing toys and other things. While playing games or at the park they now are willing to take turns without throwing tantrums. Their imagination is developing and they have imaginary friends in their dolls and soft toys. They also imitate parents or other people at home and play talk over the phone. Parents can expect their children to act as important adults like Doctor, Teacher etc.

They will also enjoy freedom now and they tend to brag and be bossy. Parents will be shocked to see that their 4 year old now enjoys serious conversation and discussions in the family and will want to b a part of it. They believe themselves to be important part of the family.

If every parent understands the growth of their child well there will be no room for irritation and confusion. Parents must remember that this age is also the foundation age of the children and they are willingly ready to learn and absorb everything.

Children are just like a sponge, they absorb what they are exposed to. Hence, it is on the parents to decide what they want their child to learn. Enjoy these fun years of your child as soon they will be big and busy. These innocent and joyful days will never come back.