Behavioral Problem in Children


Just like adults, children have their own unique personalities.  The personality traits that a child exhibits may form who they become as they grow older.  Not all personality traits follow the child into adulthood.  They may act one way when they are a child and grown into a totally different person as they mature.  Understanding your child’s personality traits when they are young will help you deal with them and understand their needs.  This article discusses several personality traits of children.

If your child is overly sensitive, they will tend to show fear and act with caution.  A child that is sensitive will need extra support from their parents.  Their sensitivity can lead to mood swings and possibly depression.  They may panic in an unfamiliar environment or a crowd of people.  On the other hand, sensitive children are very perceptive and pay attention to detail.

A self absorbed child will act oblivious to what is going on around them.  Such a child lives in his/her own world.  It is not easy to get their attention as they are more attuned to the fantasies in their head.

A defiant child is difficult to deal with.  They do not respond well to rules and orders.  When given an order, the child will become verbally or physically combative.  Their headstrong behavior will benefit them when it comes to studying and working independently in their adult years.  Unfortunately, because they are so strong, they are unable to show restraint in their words and actions.

An inattentive child cannot sit still and focus.  They are interested in everything around them but are unable to focus on one thing at a time.  Their inattentiveness may lead to disruption in the classroom and a difficulty with learning.

Active and aggressive children are very impulsive.  They act before they think.  These children can be competitive by nature and are very emotionally strong.  Active/aggressive children tend to participate in physical activities.  They are rambunctious and eager to try new things though they do not stick with an activity for very long.  Active/aggressive children lack patience.  As they evolve into adults, they personality trait leads them to be successful in what they do.