Before Bed Beauty Tips

Before Bed Beauty Tips

Before Bed Beauty Tips

Beauty is about how you take care of yourself. There is nothing that you can not achieve. The ideal way to look after your skin is nothing but just follow the steps and methods given bellow. Here are some fundamental rules to take care of your skin before sleeping. Don’t be careless, most often we tend to neglect to look after skin. Our skin needs to be pampered very now and then. It’s not only about eating and sleeping. Days are filled with dust and dirt and one must take proper care of skin in order to avoid skin ailments.

It is seen that not many people follow foot care. After long hours of exhausted work come back home and want to just hit the bed. However, you must not do so, refresh yourself by soaking your feet in salted water and keep it for sometime. Wash your feet with any bathing soap.

Wash your feet

Take foot filer and scrub off dirt from your heels. Clean the edges from the toothpick. With the help of this tooth pick you can clean dry skin from the nails or toes. You wind up with cold cream or any good moisturizer. This will keep your feet soft and smooth. You can flaunt with summer fliflops sandals.

When we get tired, generally we avoid washing face before sleeping. It is a must that you clean your face. Dirt should not get accumulated. If you have an oily skin you can scrub to remove dirty layers. If you have dry skin use oil that is free from any harsh chemical like baby oil and followed by good night cream.

wash your face

When you are done with face cleaning don’t forget to apply night cream or moisturizing. This is an ideal night beauty step. And the final tip is to apply lip balm or Vaseline and sleep. You will amaze to see yourself in the morning in your mirror.