Beer Treatment of Hairs For Increasing Shine, Volume and Bounciness

Beer Treatment of Hairs

It is the desire of everyone to have beautiful and lustrous hairs. Many people undergo different types of hair treatments for enhancing looks and spend huge amount of money on these. However, there are certain remedies that can be easily tried at home and which offer good results. 

Beer treatment is one of them. In fact, beer treatment for hair is very common. It is one of cheapest ways to nourish hairs perfectly so that they bounce with health and beauty. Beer is generally prepared from hops and malt. These two are good sources of protein. These proteins are believed to play good role in repairing damage done to hairs due to different reasons. For example, chlorine, pollution, exposure to sun, and chemical applications are some of the commonest reasons for damaged hair.

Beer treatment revitalize hairs as protein found in it repair every hair strand from within. These proteins are also useful in coating the hair so that further damage is minimized. Apart from this, beer also contains sugar, which tightens the hair cuticles and thus, they appear shiny. Beer is also helpful in removing residue from the hair, which often causes infections and itchy scalp. Many hair stylists also believe that using beer regularly helps in de-tangling the hairs. As far as pH of beer is concerned, it is quite close to pH of hairs.

Thus, no severe damage is caused to hair in beer treatment. Since beer treatment also adds volume to hair, people having thin hairs should use it regularly.It has been found that though people are aware of the benefits of beer on hairs, they do not use it due to its smell. It is to be understood that in most of case, after hairs become dried, no smell of beer is found. Even if a person thinks that hairs still smell, he can add some natural preparations.

These preparations not only remove the smell of beer but also have other positive effects on hair. For example, one cup of chamomile tea can be added to beer. This tea must be cooled before adding. This mixture is then applied slowly on hair. After leaving it for few minutes, it is rinsed with water.

How to Apply Beer on Hair

Beer is mostly applied as last rinse on hairs that have been shampooed and rinsed two or three times with water. If this method of applying beer is not liked, it can also be sprayed on rinsed hairs with the help of a spray bottle. Another way of using beer for treating hairs is to apply it on hairs while shampooing. This provides a more bouncy look to hairs and no smell of beer persists in hairs after rinsing.

If quantity of beer is not sufficient, some champagne may also be added, which have similar effect on hairs. As far as quality of beer is concerned, all types of beer can be used for hair treatment. Thus, there is no need of buying an expensive beer. Many people have reported great results by using cheapest and less popular brands of beer. Warmed-over beer cans are equally effective in repairing damaged hair. It is believed that for better results, lager or ale beer should be used rather than using wheat beers.

Some people may want beer to be flat before it is applied on hairs. For ensuring same, a bottle or can of beer can be opened and set aside for one or two hours before taking bath. This would make the beer flat and it can be easily applied on hairs. However, hairs must be shampooed before applying this type of beer.

While applying beer on hairs, it must be ensured that it has spread evenly on hairs. Every hair strand should get coated with beer from tip to root. Beer is then gently massaged into hair. Hair applied with beer must not be rinsed for two to three minutes so as to allow beer to perform it role. Hairs should be rinsed thoroughly with cool water only. If needed, regular conditioner can be used. This works in two ways. First of all, hairs get perfect shine and secondly, no smell of beer remains in hairs. Hairs are then dried with the help of towel and styled as required.

It is advised that rather than bringing the beer bottle into bathroom for pouring on hair, it should be first poured into a plastic cup and then applied. This would prevent any injury that may take place due to falling of bottle. Alternatively, can beer can be used instead of glass bottled beer.

Different Types of Beer Treatment

Apart from simple beer rinse, there are some other beer treatments also that add to beauty and volume of hairs. For example, beer and cider vinegar rinse is of them. This type of treatment is made by adding one oz of water, two teaspoons of cider vinegar, one ounce of beer and five drops of rosemary essential oil. Rosemary essential oil is used for adding fragrance and if not needed, can be left. All these ingredients are mixed together in a plastic container.

After shampooing and rinsing the hairs, this mixture is poured on hairs and is gently massaged. It is then rinsed with cool or lukewarm water after three to four minutes. In no case, hot water should be used for rinsing beer treated hairs.
Jojoba oil and beer rinse is considered as one of best conditioners for hairs. One cup of warm and flat beer and one teaspoon of jojoba oil are mixed in a container.

It is then poured on shampooed and rinsed hairs. After three to four minutes, hairs are rinsed with lukewarm water. This treatment provides great shine to hair and they look extremely lustrous. It is to be noted that jojoba oil is non-greasy and thus, does not affect the bounciness of hairs.

Beer is also considered as one of best styling tonics for hairs. Many saloons use it as a setting lotion as it increases hair’s resilience and hold. For this purpose, beer is sprayed on shampooed hairs just before drying. Hairs are then styled as desired.