Beauty tips for summer


summerface Summer is a totally different season from the rest of the seasons. This is the time when your skin and hair needs extra care. The regular routine is just not enough during summer.

Bad hair, oily skin can ruin your day. To avoid all these you need to take some preventive measures. Here are some problems people face during summer and their remedies.

While taking extra care of your skin, do not forget your precious locks. They need attention too. The harmful Ultra Violet rays can damage your hair and if you have streaks then they might fade off. To protect your hair it is better to use an umbrella when you go out during the day.

Yu can wear a scarf if you like. There are many hair-protecting lotions available in the market. You can use them as well. But make sure you use a product from a good company. If you have long hair then tie them up. That will prevent the hair damage.

Next is the melting make-up. That is one of the biggest problem is summer. And the makeup that melts the most is the blush. It is better to avoid the cream and the dust blush. Use a liquid blush instead. This will not melt and your makeup will be intact the whole day.

This is the season when the skin of your feet become rough and your feet look ugly. How to get rid of that and make the feet presentable again? Simple, go to a salon and get a pedicure.

The massage and the cleansing will remove all the dead cells and your feet will be clean again with smooth skin. If you do not have the time to go to a salon then all you need to do is get a good pedicure kit and do it at home yourself. Di this every fifteen days and see the difference.

Last but not the least is oily skin. Use press powder, which will prevent the excess oiliness. At the same time always carry cleansing pads or tissue. Use them whenever your skin becomes oily. This will definitely help.