Beauty Tips For Mothers


Motherhood is the most rewarding and satisfactory period in any woman’s life. However, as time skips on, you have little time to maintain yourself as your little bundle of joy takes over your life totally. You find you no longer have time for your beauty routine and find yourself looking disgruntled and frumpy. Here are some easy beauty care tips to help rejuvenate and make you beautiful within a short period.

Stretch marks are a major problem many new mothers suffer from. This can be alleviated with the help of moisturizers or skin-soothing creams containing zinc oxide or titanium oxide, great to treat dry skin and avoid uncomfortable itching where the skin stretches. Stretch marks can be reduced considerably with regular massage with natural oils. All you need to do is apply the oil half an hour before your bath, play with baby or do some other chores and the oil will have worked its charm in that half hour.

Other problems most new mothers can suffer from are wrinkles and dark pigmentation around the eyes, including acne. Remove dark under eye circles by placing cucumber or potato slices, or cotton dipped in rose water on your eyes, even as you snatch a quick shut-eye while baby naps. For wrinkles do some easy face lifting exercises, which no doubt, baby will find quite amusing. Treat acne with homemade beauty treatments, such as, washing your face with raw milk and ensuring your diet is health and oil free.

As for hair care, hormonal changes related to pregnancy and new motherhood play havoc with the hair. You begin to lose a lot of your hair; however, once your hormones balance out, it will grow back to its former glory. Get a suitable haircut and treat yourself to some highlights to cheer yourself up. Indulge in some home manicures and pedicures. You can do all this while the baby is sleeping. By helping yourself look good, you will not only feel good about yourself, but will also benefit baby as a happy mother means a happy baby!

Begin an exercise routine to get back into shape. Exercise can be done even when taking baby out for some air by walking briskly, even as you push the pram. High heels may have been traded for sneakers, but who says you can’t still look and feel beautiful. And, you’ll be the envy of every new mother in town!