Beauty Secrets – Easy and Natural Beauty Treatments

Home Made Beauty

It is quite easy to get carried away with the innumerable services, therapies, expensive creams and lotions present in the market, boasting of enhancing your beauty in turn of loads of money. But in order to stay beautiful, you really do not need to spend big bucks. You really do not have to go for expensive beauty treatments that are done commercially. A radiating beauty can be obtained along with the glamorous finish, only by making attempt to take a little care of yourself at home.

Whenever you are doing the dishes, remember to cover your hands using a thick layer of cream followed by wearing latex gloves, in order to envelop your hands. Only a little care like this can bestow you with ever soft hands. The warmth of the dishwasher will facilitate the cream to get absorbed inside your skin and the gloves will help in providing the insulation. Repeating the same procedure at least two times in a week will make your hands beautiful and ever soft.

Regular exfoliation is an inevitable process if you want to stay away from dead skin. A number of materials available in kitchen can help you do the same. You can take some cornmeal and pamper yourself with it. You can add some ground almonds to add the luxury feel. A mixture of salt, grapefruit and lemon juice can be applied over the body and face for de-tanning. You can also use the vinegar instead of lemon juice.

In spa, you need to spend hundreds of dollars for taking a luxurious bath. You can do the same at home by taking about half a cup of milk powder and mixing it with the water that has been filled in a bath tub. You can sprinkle some rose petals on the top and relax in this water for some time. This bath has a property of soothing your mind and soul and the result you get it similar to that of an expensive treatment available at spa.

Keeping your face beautiful is also easy using home beauty secrets. Every time you wash your face, splatter some warm water over your face and then take a tablespoon of honey in your hand and use it to massage your feet. The antibacterial property of honey will keep the blemishes away from your skin and it will also enhance the complexion. If you want, use plain yogurt instead of honey. Yogurt provides exfoliation and the lactic acid present in it will help dissolving the dead skin cells that are present.

The best beauty secrets do not require an enormous amount of money. A beautiful and radiating you can be achieved by using these inexpensive, home beauty secrets.