Beauty Myths Exposed – Part I


While, the rules of beauty are simple and finite, the reality is that scores of strange and untrue beauty myths abound. Read on to discover how top experts got to the bottom of the false truths of aesthetics, only to uncover facts beneath the fiction. The following tips may just make you look at life (or, at least, beauty) in a whole new light.

Laser Hair Removal Is Off-Limits For The Fair of Hair
Not true, there are platinum blondes with a bikini line as bare as a baby’s bottom. Experts agree and though gray hair holds no pigment, making it impossible to laser, saying light or blonde hair is impossible to laser is clearly a myth. Blondes that undergo laser treatments maintain a 70 to 90% hair loss.

Organic Products Equals Weak Results
There is a strange trend out there with most people believing organic products are not strong enough to make a difference in the skin. That is not true and what the skin needs is vitamins and nutrients for it to stay healthy and keep its elasticity. Since, out skin protects us against the harshness of a polluted environment, why wouldn’t you want to fortify it against contamination?

Sexy Lingerie Is Not For Petite Girls
Clearly, this is a myth perpetuated by men with a large breast fetish, who do not rule the world! Ask any lingerie specialist and they will point out that their company carries a selection of affordable sexy garments that help the little gals steam up a room just fine. There are lift bras that add a full cup size, and their liquid-filled cups even warm up to a gal’s body temperature, and are way more natural for that accidental body brush!

Artificial Enhancements Destroy Nails
Not true! Artificial nails have evolved greatly and the biggest myth regarding artificial nail wear is suffocation of the natural nail, thereby causing nail damage doesn’t hold true, anymore! It is not the artificial nail or glue that ultimately causes nail damage, but improper removal e.g. picking or prying off. Nails worn and removed safely will not inflict any injury to the nail whatsoever!

Frequent Haircuts Stimulate Hair Growth
Hair grows at the same speed no matter how often you cut or trim your locks! However, regular trims help keep stringy split ends in check for healthier-looking hair.

Breakouts Are The Result Of Oily Skin
Oily skin is not always the reason behind frequent skin break-outs. Despite an oil problem, your acne could be the result of extreme skin sensitivity. Change your whole routine to something more suitable for highly sensitive skin, and you may just clear up your skin.
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