Beauty blunder: Red blood nail paint


Beauty blunder is committed in every day life and not that every one is perfect. While you make mistake you learn along with it. When you commit clumsy mistake you get better off next time to make the same mistake. So, sometimes it’s worth making blooper.

The truth about the red nail polish is, though it looks hot but it has some ugly side too.
Think about the situation where you just could not wait to get manicure and you got hot nail paint from nearby boutique and applied it by yourself. You couldn’t get time to apply your mind how to go about it and hurriedly you painted all over your five fingers. By the time you realize, it has done its damage.
You tried hard to remove it but it smudges on your cuticles. Hot red colour is very difficult to remove if you don’t know the technique. It is not like any normal paint.
So never be impatient. If you have done the mishap already, go to good parlour or call a beautician to do manicure.

Nail remover also doesn’t help you if you don’t know the technique. Red colour spreads around your nail and your skin may develop sore, puffy, and dehydrated if you try to remove from hard matters like stone or wooden sticks.

Have pity on your fingers. It is always good idea to get it done manicured from beauty experts. It is all the more crucial when you are about to leave for the meeting or party and you just committed blooper, you have no choice but to go with those swollen red fingers. This would obviously invite some gestures or comments from your friends or colleagues.
Get it done before you face such embarrassing situations. As they say,”patience is virtue, especially when it’s about beauty.”