Beauty and Style – Listening To Your Body


Beauty and style are not about pretty clothes and cosmetics! Beauty doesn’t come out of a jar, nor style by copying the latest fashion designs in your latest copy of Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire or Elle. It is also about attitude and the way you carry yourself, it is about whether you have natural charm or can turn it on when the occasion demands. But, rather than following the dictates of fashion, why not indulge your inner self and listen to your body, instead of blindly following the diktats of the fashion industry.

Develop your own style by experimenting with a number of clothes styles; wear what looks goon on you, even though the fashion magazines tell you it is so last season. Who cares, whether it is this or last season, it looks good on you doesn’t it. It hides your imperfections, it brings out your plus points, so make it your style statement, wear it with panache. Fashion magazines can give you a lot of ideas but it is up to you to develop your own personal style by experimenting, mixing and matching, minimalising and accessorising. Work on your style quotient; bring out the Diva in you.

The same goes for listening to your body when it comes to beauty. Today’s beauty ideal is all about waif thin bodies with one being able to count the bones in ones ribcage. But, if you listen to your body, it will tell you that it doesn’t like to be starved. The same goes for eating simply for the sake of eating. Why eat simply because it’s time to eat. Let your body signal you when it’s hungry and then eat enough to keep it satisfied and happy.

Don’t go worrying about counting calories and fat or the perfect diet, as there really is no such thing as a perfect diet. Diets are not a pleasurable experience, they only make you irritable, you develop a headache and your stomach makes embarrassing growling noises. Listen to your body and eat when it’s hungry because it needs food for fuel and for energy. You need the vitamins and nutrients to be found in a variety of food, without them you wouldn’t look good on the outside. You need them for good skin, beautiful hair and for a healthy glow.

Drink lots of water, milk and juices, all of which are good for you inside and outside. For example, the lactic acid in milk is wonderful for skin that is dry, as are pineapple, tomato, orange and grape to wash the skin with. Rose water, witch hazel, green tea and Liquid Boric acid, including lemon make for excellent skin toners. Coarse sugar or even salt mixed with a few drops of olive oil makes for an excellent exfoliant that gives the skin a radiant glow.

So for beauty it is best to listen to your body, while for style you have to go inside, within your self!