Be more beautiful – Here some beauty tips for you


Who doesn’t want to be more beautiful? I think everybody wishes to be so. But very few people know how they can be so. For enhancing your beauty you can use many kinds of cosmetics which are available on the market. One of these cosmetics is foundation which can bring an exquisite beauty under your control. There are foundations in various forms such as liquid and cream and in different colors suiting the individual’s skin.

The most sensitive matter is the procedure of applying these foundations. If the application is not done properly it might make the look bad instead of enhancing your beauty. So, you should know how to apply the appropriate foundation properly. You have to remember that you are applying foundation so that your skin looks natural. It depends on the right way of application of the foundation. By applying foundation rightly, any kind of trouble of your skin can be hidden.

Color of the foundation is an important mater. Before using foundation you should decide which color suits your skin. Your skin type and color can help you to choose the right color foundation. As per your skin tone you should select the color of your foundation. To select the color you should use natural light which will help you to select the right one. You should select yellow based foundations rather than pink or orange color because this color suits most of skin colors.

Now you should know how to apply foundation.

Among all kinds of foundations liquid one is suitable for all types of skin. This foundation can easily cover the whole area and make you more beautiful. It is easy to apply this foundation as they are prepared by two formulas together, one is water based whereas other is oil based. On the other hand, cream foundations are not suitable because they dry up quickly. As a result, it makes it difficult to blend the makeup. These kinds of foundations have moisturizing properties that are suitable for normal and dry skin, but not for oily skin.

For oily and normal skin, compact foundation is the best choice. Compact foundations should be applied using a dry sponge and they cover heavily when a wet sponge is used to apply them.

There is another kind of foundation called dual active powder foundation which is best for all skin types and best for women who do not have much time to put on makeup. The tinted moisture of these foundations creates a sweet glow to the skin and it gets drier when it is exposed to sunlight.

Lastly, it should be remembered that to be more beautiful is a more careful work. So, you should try to do that carefully.