Be Cool All Summer Long


Relax your hair, sooth your skin and pretty up your nails. You can look like a beach bunny pro with just a few simple steps.

Give your skin that sun kissed look by adding sheen to your sunscreen. Apply it before you get dressed in your swimsuit to give yourself a more even look.

To look good in that new bikini this summer, take care of that bikini line. Make sure that you exfoliate before you shave or even wax, so to avoid any unsightly bumps. A brown sugar scrub will set you right.

When you take a shower, treat your feet. Use a pumice stone or a foot file to wage the war against dry skin. Our feet our prone to cracking which leads to itching and burning. Scrubbing away dry hard skin will help prevent that from happening.

Your eyes are big and beautiful so don’t let a uni-brow spoil them. Give your brows an arch so that they are more defined and take away from the beauty of your face. See a pro at least every three months.

Your hands are always in perfect view so make your nails glow with a bright pink color like magenta. It is the perfect color for summer to go with all of your colorful outfits. It looks great against a tan too!

If you got it flaunt it! Take a large fluffy brush, dip it in some neutral bronze powder and sweep between your breasts. It will give the look of true deepness to add even more to what GOD gave you.

Avoid running makeup by using stains. You can get them for your cheeks and eyes so that you will have that all day fresh look even if you are running a marathon.

By following a few simple tips, you can look like a pro at the beach. Everyone will think that you are naturally beautiful without it taking a whole lot of work or time out of your day. Simplicity is the key ladies and time is of the essence when you want to get to the beach.