Be aware of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually transmitted infections can cause several health problems, such as – increase the risk of HIV, can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, lead to infertility, cause cervical cancer, etc. At present women and children are the most effected victims of sexually transmitted infections. It is good to be conscious of one’s body, and be aware of the different kind of sexually transmitted infections, so that proper timely treatment can be undertaken in case of problem.

One of the most common sexually transmitted infections is HIV- AIDS. HIV is also called as human immunodeficiency virus and it causes AIDS, which is the final stage of HIV. At the initial stage individual suffering from HIV- AIDS can have fever, tiredness and headache. At the later stage there can be sudden weight loss, periodic fever, extreme tiredness, diarrhea that can last for a week or so, depression, pneumonia, memory loss, etc. Another sexually transmitted infection is chlamydia, which is a remediable disease.

It is also called as a silent disease and individuals suffering from it notice the symptoms two- three weeks after one has been infected with it. There can be a discharge from vagina or penis or one might experience some pain while urinating. Gonorrhea is another remediable sexually transmitted disease. Women suffering from the same can experience bleeding during an intercourse or a yellow discharge.

While men can experience white or yellow or green pus from the penis which is accompanied with pain and swelling in the testicles. Both men and women can experience pain while urinating and might come across the symptoms after two- five days of being infected. Syphilis is another sexually transmitted infectious disease, which must be cured at the right time because if neglected can lead to damaging of nerves and blindness. At the initial stage individual who has been infected with this disease might notice an ulcer at a point from where the bacteria have entered into the body. This can be followed by sore throat, extra fatigue, headache, swelling in the lymph glands, etc.

Vaginitis is an infection which leads to the swelling of the vagina. Common symptoms of this disease can be irritation, itching and burning in the vagina. One might also experience pain while urinating and during intercourse. Genital herpes, trichomoniasis, pelvic inflammatory disease; are some of the other sexually transmitted infections.