Basic Information Of Eating Onions


There are many misconceptions about eating onions. Onions have multiple roles to play. You use them as artificial tears, make them as salads, etc. however, there is rumours that eating onion is bad and may even increase your libido or may replace [email protected]@. The information provided here may not be proven one but we do have the incredible works of onions. Let’s learn the wonders of them for our health.

From the time immemorial onion has been used in cooking. They are eaten as raw or cooked or stored as salad. The basic information is that India and china are the largest producer of onions. No doubt this simple and plain ingredient of household has got multiple medicinal properties for health benefit.

You better take onion if you are suffering from diabetes, heart problem, and osteoporosis or if you have common cold. They can reduce the impact and effect of these diseases. The trick to heal cough is to eat onion. And infact this is common in Chinese medication. They also use onion for treating bacterial infections, angina, breathing problems. Add this item in your daily diet.

Onion comes in various names such as brown onions, white onions, red onions and spring onions. You can also improve stomach anxieties by eating onion. They are good source of any indigestion problem. You can eat them in raw or add them in foods.

You will not encounter any difficulty finding onion; they are easily available in your nearest shops. Some people make mistake not to eat onion because of those stupid reasons which do not have any valid ground to believe. Such persons may miss out some of the best health benefits from onions.
Don’t think about the demerit but remember the merits it has for your health.

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  • Renee

    Are onions SAFE to eat since they are known to soak up the flu virus? Wouldn’t onions at the grocery store soak up viruses from customers – then wouldn’t you ingest all that the onion has soaked up?