Autumn Pruning


There are many different reasons why you should prune your garden in autumn. For one, it will keep your garden healthy and ready to be productive for the following year. Another reason is to control the size of your plants,which will help them to bear fruits and flowers.

While pruning your flowers, there are a few guidelines that you should always follow. When snipping your plants, never leave a branch or twig behind. This is to prevent any type of sickness to your plant. The location of the buds will determine where you will cut.

You will only need a few tools to get the job done. A sharp pair of secateurs, a pair of loppers, a pruning saw and, of course, a pair of shears should always be in your pruning bag. All of these will help you get the job done quickly and correctly the first time around.

Roses are one of the most difficult flowers to grow. But, with the right pruning at the right time, your rose bushes will look stunning. Once the leaves fall, it is the best time to prune them. From the base of the plant, be sure to remove one stem in three and always be sure to take the oldest. And always support new growth with string.

Always remember to cut off the dead, diseased and damaged wood from your trees and shrubs. This will keep your plants healthy and strong. When looking out for your hedges, make sure to give them one last trim and shape up before winter. October is a great time to do this.

Once you learn the ins and outs of pruning, your flowers will bloom beautifully and bring vibrant color and life to your garden or yard. Doing some research will benefit you in your endeavor to keep all of your flowers healthy and happy. Remember, each type of flower and/or bush has its own set of pruning rules. Be sure to follow each individual one so that everything grows just right.

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