Autism in Children


The signs for children under the age of 2
Many children and adults today are suffering from a mental illness, autism. The research for this trying illness has been going on for years, yet there still isn’t a complete cure, it’s only a manageable illness.The statistics state that six in one-thousand children may be affected by autism. Many parents worry that when their child starts to show signs of something difference from other siblings or other children, that their child may have a mental illness or physical ailment.

Here are some of the things to look for in a child that may have autism or autism symptoms check list:

Babies that are autistic do not normally babble.
They are unable to make gestures even by the age of 1.
Unable to speak by 16 months, not even one word.
Unable to put together 2 words by the age of 2
Unable to play independently or even understand the concept of the toy
Doesn’t respond to commands or even name.
Once language begins, the language goes away… loss of language skills
Lack of any type of social skills
Poor ability to have eye contact even for brief moments.
Sometimes attached to one item in particular, a toy, blanket, stuffed animal
Can not physically smile
Seems to be deaf, or hearing impaired

It’s very important to keep in mind that there are many possibilities and explanations for most of the symptoms on a list of autism symptoms check list. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your child is autistic. It just verifies that something is wrong, and your next step is to get a proper diagnosis.

A child that is attached to one toy, or a certain blanket or may have a difficulty with simple motor skills may have something totally different then autism. This is just a general list of signs of autistic children before the age of two.

Furthermore, remember a child that may have a hearing disability may not have good language skills, and suffers because they are having a hard time hearing or cannot hear at all.

It’s further important to mention that Autism has a “sister” relationship with another illness called Asperger Syndrome. If your child has extremely challenging times with language and reading skills as they grow, and have been diagnosed with autism, they may have Asperger Syndrome also. Further diagnosis and education will be needed; this adds the challenges for the care takers of these very special children.

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