No alternative therapy can be so easily incorporated and enjoyed in everyday life as aromatherapy.  Dating back thousands of years in countries like India, Persia etc., it was in the 1900s that it became popular in France as a fragrant way to treat everyday ills, aches and pains.

With around 40-types of essential oils that one can use, one can easily treat oneself with aromatherapy at home.  A pleasurable experience, the only thing missing is the professional massage that you would have received by going to an aromatherapy salon for treatment.  Massage is a popular and integral part of aromatherapy.  Diluted essential oils are used to massage the neck and shoulders to alleviate tension, while rubbing the temples helps soothe a headache and a leg massage provides a perfect end of the day treat.  Diluted essential oils like lavender and tea tree can be used for the facial area.

It is important to mix essential oils to be used for massage with specially formulated carrier oil, such as, grapeseed, jojoba, peach kernel and wheat germ.  Don’t even a few extra drops of essential oil than the recommendation, as highly concentrated, they can cause skin irritation if without being adequately diluted.

Diluted essential oils can also be added to the bath, are perfect for easing aches and pains, or adding to a bowl of hot water for inhalation e.g. essential oil of eucalyptus, an alternative treatment for colds.

Popular aromatherapy essential oils are:
Lavender which comforts, calms and relaxes mind and body helping one sleep well, while easing the mind.  It is also beneficial in treating and healing problem skin.

Clary sage containing sclariol that mimics oestrogen has a calming effect and is useful as a natural alternative to HRT for menopause.  However, it must not be used during pregnancy.

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and is ideal for problem skin and for healing abrasions.  As well, it also invigorates, stimulates and energises.

Eucalyptus – another natural antiseptic, eucalyptus is known for its sinus clearing qualities and as a steam inhalation to treat colds.

A stimulating tonic, black pepper warms and eases an aching body after a strenuous workout, especially when used to massage.

Grapefruit, an uplifting citrus oil has a zingy pick-me-up to invigorate the senses.  It also acts as an antiseptic.

Another citrus oil, Bergamot has antiseptic qualities, while having a soothing, relaxing and uplifting effect.

Add cedar wood to an evening bath to stimulate, uplift and melt away tension, but don’t use it if pregnant.

A beautiful Oriental fragrance, lemon grass refreshes and energises the senses.

Perfect for the end of the day, ylang ylang essential oil comforts and promotes a relaxed state of mind.

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